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About Omega 3D Chicken Games

Husband, Dad, Gamer, Submariner

Hey everyone Eric here, owner and manager of THE Omega 3D Chicken Coop. Omega 3D Chicken Games is a DIY experience where I just want to get some creations out there. If someone enjoys them then well that is fantastic.

What is with the name? Well it harkens back to my IRC days (Internet Relay Chat for you young ones) where my own private hangout was called The Omega 3D Chicken Coop. Maybe inspired by the band Jimmy's Chicken Shack at the time? 

Do you use AI for any of your projects? Yep! All of the products here are free. Without AI art generators there would be some random open source artwork or none at all. I also use some generative AI to help me in my writing process. Frankly as a one man band I probably do not have the ability to get these somewhat completed projects out in the public to check out. If that makes my stuff a no fly zone for you then that is your choice and I hope you find what you are looking for!

All that aside I hope you enjoy what I have to offer here and feel free to reach out!

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My Podcast

A sporadic and periodic podcast that talks about table top gaming!

Omega 3D Basic Ultimate Edition Cover.jpg

Omega 3D Basic Ultimate Edition

September 2023

This is an alpha test version of my generic fantasy dice pool powered system that I initial designed to be able to play with my kids. Inspired by the Year Zero Engine by Free League and Monte Cook's No Thank You Evil.

Final Round Game Cover Test.jpg


November 2023

This is another alpha test that I am working on. This is a game inspired by the arcade fighting and beat 'em up games of the late 80s early 90s. It was a genre I was craving to play but couldn't find quite what I was looking for so started to slap this together. Enjoy! and FIGHT!

Thanks for submitting!

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